56 SOUTH 33RD AVE, #236

CELL (952) 292-1119




Showcase President

-Howie Borden (Bethel University)

Power Skating/Skills Director

-Brad Perry, owner of BradPerryHockey Inc.

Director of Off-Ice Training and Nutrition

-Eric Hofmann, owner of Performance Training

Goalie Combine Director

-Aaron Kinslow, owner of The Goalie Academy

Medical Staff and Athletic Trainers

-Amber Lewandowski
-Holly Remmenga

On Ice Officials

-Certified Junior Hockey Refs, supplied by USA Hockey


-Jerseys and staff wear provided by Gemini Athletic Wear

-Media/Photography provided by: Brad Perry Hockey

The Goalie Academy

The Goalie Academy is brought to the Junior and College Hockey Exposure Showcase by Aaron Kinslow, long time junior hockey coach and scout. The Goalie Academy specializes in goaltender development, physically improving flexibility, reflexes, agility, balance, and coordination. The Goalie Academy also puts an emphasis on improving your mental skill set. Through on-ice drills, practice and game video analysis, and constructive feedback, The Goalie Academy is your one stop shop for your personal hockey development. Aaron can be reached at (701) 866-0789 or click on the logo above to visit The Goalie Academy's Facebook page.

Brad Perry Hockey Video!!!!

Brad Perry Hockey

Brad Perry has been instructing hockey for 25 years, specializing in power skating and individual skill development. Brad has created a new level of hockey instruction, incorporating video and highly individualized teaching techniques. Visit for on-line video lessons, news, reviews, and camp information. More of Brad's videos can be found on our Staff Page, on You Tube, or you can contact Brad at or visit his site at 

Performance Training Video!!!!

Performance Training

Home of online personal training and sports training camps, Performance Training is proud to be a leader in the health and fitness industry. Being one of the pioneers of online personal training, Performance Training opened in 2006 and has been helping our clients reach their goals one person at time! Utilizing, agility, and plyometrics focusing on developing: Explosiveness, Speed, Strength, Balance, Agility, Core strength, & Conditioning. Their programs have been proven successful time and time again with all individuals and organizations they have worked with. Performance Training will travel to you and your area. If you are interested and or would like more information on our sports fitness training camps, please visit